Light Strike Infrared Laser Gun

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Unfortunately, the Light Strike products are no longer produced and are therefore no longer available. We do, however, still have very few stocks of the last copies. Interested parties can contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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Note: Light Battle and Light Strike products do not work together, these are two different systems. Click here to compare Light Battle and Light Strike. 

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Frequently asked questions about Light Strike laser tag toys

What is the difference between a pistol and a rifle and what can a rifle do more than a pistol?
A pistol is easier to operate than a rifle, we recommend this for players from 6 to 8 years. The rifles have a fingerprint button, a reload function and an extra ammunition type. For the rest, the pistols and guns have the same functions and shoot just as far.

Do you need a target vest? 
No, a target vest is not necessary. The gun or pistol serves as a target.

Is your entire gun the target for the opponent?
Only the front and a little bit the side of the front is the target of a gun or gun. If you shoot at the back of the gun or gun, no lives are lost.

Can you play laser tag with two players?
Laser tagging is possible from 2 people. Our experience is that the game often starts with two guns but the kids from the neighborhood connect quickly. The more players, the more fun the laser game becomes.

Wich gamemodes can you play?
With the I.T.S., the Intelligent Targeting System, various laser games game styles are possible, such as "conquer the flag". The I.T.S can also be used as a bomb and has a doctor mode to supplement your bars.
A maximum of 4 teams can be created with an unlimited number of players. Each gun has a target that can be used as a flag. If you do not turn the guns off and on during the game, you have 3 lives. Each team can retrieve new lives through its own ITS. So I will take one ITS per team. One ITS in the middle of the playing field is also an option.

Many game variations are possible with two simple targets and an ITS.

Do you also get a shock when you are hit?
No, Light Strike guns never give a shock and are very child friendly. 

Can you use the pistols and rifles together in a laser game?
Yes, the pistols and rifles can be used interchangeably during laser gaming. 

From what age can Light Strike be used?
The pistols are ideal for players from 7 years. The rifles are slightly more difficult to handle and operate and can be used well from 8 to 9 years old.

What is the maximum number of players to play with? 
You can play Light Strike laser tag with an unlimited number of players. The players can be divided into a maximum of 4 teams.

Is the light coming from the laser guns and guns harmful? 
Light Strike uses harmless and invisible infrared light. This is the same light that comes from the remote control of your tv.

Do the discountpackages include targets?
With each rifle in a discountpackage is a free (practice) target delivered. A free (practice) target is supplied with every two guns in a discountpackage.

What is a target vest (sometimes referred to in the manuals)?
Target vests are no longer available and do not need to play the Light Strike laser game. The guns and pistols serve as targets.

Are the guns and pistols a bit sturdy, when used in the forrest for example (water and sand)?
The guns are not waterproof. However, I often played after a rain shower. This has not caused any problems. The pistols have fewer openings than the guns and are therefore, in my estimation, slightly more resistant to moisture. Sand can affect the working of the tractor.

Can the laser tag guns also be used with daylight?
Yes, the laser tag guns also work fine with daylight. The range is less in sunlight than in the dark.

Can the Light Strike lasergame game also be played indoors?
Yes, Light Strike laser tag is possible anytime and anywhere. The pistols and rifles also work great indoors.

What is the range of the laser tag rifles and pistols?
In daylight about 20 meters, the darker it is the further the range.

How long do you spend with the batteries?
We have been playing with our own laser game set for more than 3 months and the batteries are not yet empty. Charging batteries will last less. The laser guns are absolutely no large battery slurpers.

How quickly can my order be delivered?
The Light Strike products are unfortunately no longer produced and are very difficult to obtain. We still have the latest new copies and second hand Light Strike products in our warehouse. If you are interested, you can contact us via the contact form above.

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