Laser game variants and play modes

With Light Strike laser game products lots of game variants and play modes are possible. Underneath you can find some examples of various laser games you can play with our laser tag products.

Knockout game

Players try to stay in the game as long as possible. If a player has no more lives he has to leave the game. The game continues until one player is left.

VIP game

Form several teams. Pick in each team a VIP (very important person). This VIP needs to be recognisable for the opponents. You need to protect the VIP of your team. As soon as the VIP has no more lives, the team is out. If a player has no more lives, he first needs to go to a certain point of the playing field before he can get new lives.

Light Strike target game with two targets as flag

Form several teams and give each team a target. This target serves as a flag and must be hidden by your team in your own territory. The target needs to be hidden in such a way that it can still be seen and hit by the counterparty.
The team that hits the target of the counterparty has conquered the flag and won.
An ITS can be added to this game, to be placed in the middle of the playing field. The ITS will be in medic mode and can be used to pick up new lives.

Target game

Hide several targets in the playing field. Let the teams play for about 10-15 minutes. The team with the most targets in his team colours has won. If a player has run out of lives that player first needs to go to a certain point in the playing field before getting new lives again.

ITS Game with ITS as flag and Medic

Form several teams. Each team has an ITS in Medic mode and activated in their own team colours. The ITS needs to be placed somewhere in your own camp. Your team can get new lives at the ITS but the ITS also serves as the flag to be conquered.
You are to deactivate the ITS of the other team and activate it into your own team colours. As soon as you have conquered the ITS you have to bring it over to your own camp.  If during bringing over the ITS to your own camp the ITS is deactivated again by another team or if you have no more lives on your gun, you need to return the ITS back to the owner and the game starts all over again. If you have activated the ITS of the other team into your own team colours and brought it to your own camp, your team has won the game.