Light Strike Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What is the difference between a pistol and a gun and what can a gun do more than a pistol?
A pistol is easier to handle than a gun and we recommend therefore players of 6 to 8 years old to use a pistol. The guns have a fingerprint button, a reload function and an extra kind of ammunition. The other functions of the pistols and guns are the same and they shoot the same distance.

Do you need a target jacket?
No, a target jacket is not necessary. The gun or pistol serves as a target.

Does the entire gun serve as target?
Only the front and small part of the side of the front forms the target of a gun or pistol. If you shoot at the back of the gun or pistol, no lives are lost.

Can you play a laser game with only two persons?
Laser gaming can be done with only 2 persons. But we have found that when people start with only 2 persons, the rest of the children in the neighbourhood soon join in. More players means more fun.

Which type of games can you play?

With the ITS, the Intelligent Targeting System, various kinds of laser games can be played, like ‘conquer the flag’. Also you can use the ITS as a bomb and it has a medic mode to fill up your life bars.
A maximum of 4 teams can play, with an unlimited number of players. With each gun comes a target which can be used as a flag. If you don’t turn the guns on and off during the game, you have 3 lives. Each team can pick up new lives via its own ITS. So I will take one ITS per team. One ITS in the middle of the playing field is another option.
The combination of two simple targets and an ITS makes lots of game variations possible.

Will you get a shock when you get hit?
No, Light Strike guns never give a shock and are very child-friendly.

Can you use pistols and guns together during a laser game?
Yes, you can.

From which age can Light Strike toys be used?
Pistols are very suitable for children 7 years and older. The guns are a bit more difficult to handle and work with and are suitable for children from 8 / 9 years old.

What is the maximum number of players for laser gaming?

The number of players for laser gaming is unlimited. However, the maximum number of teams you can divide the players into is 4.

Is the light coming out of the laser pistols and guns harmful?
Light Strike uses harmless and invisible infrared light, which is the same light coming out of your remote control.

Do the package deals include targets?
With each gun in a package deal you will get a free (practice) target. With each two pistols in a package deal you will also get a free (practice) target.

What is a target jacket? (you read about them in the instructions)

Target jackets are no longer available but they are not necessary to play the Light Strike laser game. The guns and pistols serve as targets.

Are the guns and pistols a bit sturdy (after all playing in the woods means sand, dirt and water)
The guns are not splash waterproof. I have played after a rain shower often and this never gave any problems. The pistols have fewer holes than the guns and are therefore, in my opinion, a bit more waterproof. Sand, however, may affect the proper functioning of the trigger.

Can you use laser game guns during daylight?
Yes, even in daylight the laser game guns work fine, however, you cannot shoot as far as in the dark.

Can you play the Light Strike laser game indoors?
Yes. Light Strike laser gaming can be done indoors and outdoors. The pistols and guns work fine everywhere and all the time.

How far can you shoot with laser tag guns and pistols?
In daylight you reach as far as about 20 metres, but the darker it gets, the further you can shoot.

Is there a dangerous laser beam coming out of the guns?
No, it’s called laser gaming, but Light Strike uses harmless infrared light. This light is the same that comes out of your remote control.

How long do the batteries last?
We have been playing for more than 3 months now with our own laser game set and the batteries are still going. However, rechargeable batteries will not last that long. Laser guns are definitely not energy slurping devices.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?
Generally, all products on our website are in stock. If you place an order via our webshop and pay directly via Ideal, PayPal or Mister Cash, your order will usually be shipped the next working day. Within the Netherlands you will receive your order within 3 working days. For customers in Belgium delivery usually takes one day longer.