WowWee Light Strike laser tag guns

We deliver only Light Strike products to the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and the UK.  We do not deliver products in the US.

This year, all the Light Strike products will be completely sold out. Unfortunately Light Strike is no longer produced and so re-ordering is not possible. Would you like to extend your laser game set, then we recommend you to place your order soon.
This year we will come up with a great comparable new product. At this time, we still can not give any further information. These new products cannot be combined with Light Strike products.

WowWee Light Strike  brings videogame action into the real world live and in color. Assault Strikers and Strikers are customizable with built-in weapon features and the Assault Strikers add-on attachments give players a tactical advantage. Play one-on-one tournaments or create up to 4 teams of unlimited players for free-for-all or Capture the Flag battles.
Built-in volume, team selection, weapon selection, shield and health meter. Health meter tracks remaining life. Respawn when health hits zero. Interactive lights and sounds that put you on the battlefield. Play indoors or outside. Team up for Capture the Flag matches with the I.T.S. Age 7+.

Battling is pretty easy. Each player has three red health bars on the back of the Light Strike laser tag gun. The range on these weapons is about 100 feet, but if you’re out of direct sunlight or in the dark, you’ll be able to boost that more. When playing, different modes do different amount of damage, and you’re warned when you have low life. Each gun has sensors on the front, so shooting at someone will also leave you vulnerable. Shooting the sides of the guns, where the LEDs show your team color, can also do damage depending on your range. Press the shield button and you’ll reduce enemy damage by 50% for 15 seconds. After that it will take 3 minutes to recharge.

WowWee Light Strike uses invisible, harmless infrared light that is the same light that comes from a remote control, thus bringing videogame actions into the real world live. Strikers and Assault Strikers can be customized with built-in weapon features and players are given a strategic advantage against other players by using the add-on attachments. They’re also given the option to play one-on-one games and make up to four teams with an unlimited number of players for Capture the Flag or free-for-all battles. The Light Strike products allow players to choose their team members and weapons as well as know their remaining life through the health meter. Players can choose to re-spawn when their health hits 0. The Light Strike products also come with interactive sounds and lights and allow users to play outside or indoors. Playing using the products is easy as every player has 3 red health bars located on the Light Strike laser tag gun’s back portion. The range on the weapons is around 100 ft, but players can boost more if they are in the dark or out of direct sunlight. Different modes perform various amounts of damage and users are warned when they have low life. Every gun is equipped with sensors on the front. The LEDs located at the side of the gun show the team color and can also inflict damage depending on the user’s range. The shield button reduces enemy damage by 50 percent for 15 seconds. It will take three minutes to recharge after that. 

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